“Cirque du Soleil” “Swiss Comedy Award” “Tigerpalast Variete”

Alexey Mironov

Alexey Mironov is a  clown who has performed around the World in various International Festivals and circus shows, including Cirque du Soleil North-American Tour, Teatro Zinzanni chaos dinner-show, Tigerpalast Variete in Frankfurt, “Wintergarten” variete in Berlin, Paris circus festival “Cirque de demain“,  “Swiss Comedy Award”, French TV show “Le plus grand cabaret du mond” , “Good Morning America” and many more. Alexey received his training in classic Russian-style clowning, he has been a one the pioneers in the art of clowning by combining traditional clowning technique with contemporary theatre.
He has developed his unique style of performance, which put him on the very top level in the world of contemporary physical comedy and clowning.      Dates and more information at Facebook page.

My first book is now available in paper format. German/russian edition.

If you want to buy this book signed or unsigned drop me a line, and i will get back to you. Here is short german description:

Eine ganz ungewöhnliche Geschichte die in einer ganz normalen Stadt geschah. Zustand: Neu. Versand mit Deutsche Post Brief Groß.

Das Buch von Clown Alexey Mironov, für Kinder 5-15 Jahre alt geeignet. Deutsch/Russisch Auflage. 14,95€ + shipping.

“Wir sehen Müllcontainers so oft. Gelb und blau, aber orange container enthält etwas besonderes!”

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