Alexey Mironov`s show “Bon Voyage” is presented by an artist, clown and actor who awakens a spectrum of feelings in his audience-from riotous laughter to sad reflectiveness.
Miles away from any other comedy culture, Alexey Mironov celebrates the great art of laughter on the borders between embarrassment and comic, the mundane and poetic.
His gauche characters often find themselves inconveniently in strange places and unusual situations- a bit like an out of place opera visitor at a concert who can’t escape from boredom. Due to Alexey Mironov’s pefect timing and extraordinary talent, it’s all over in a flash for the audience. He has clownishly enchanted audiences in theaters, varieties and at festivals worldwide.

Touching and funny performance about each of us, amazes naivety and unexpected sense of humor.
Infinitely improvisation, placing new accents, finding unexpected directions is that fine combination makes its individuality.


… Control of face mimic, speech and minimalistic body moves of Mironov is simply amazing. Only by mumbling, stuttering, making faces and extremely poor assortment of words he creates his interpretations, which is distanced but at the same time convulsive, mocking and tragic simultaneously.

“DELO” Ljubljana

…it´s sort of rare now to see clowns, who can perform with a few words and just with a mimic, who can make you laugh unstoppable…

Kölnische Rundschau

…Warsaw audience likes to laugh and he stole the hearts of viewers. Alexey Mironov was awarded with thunderous applause . He showed remarkable acting skills , playing on consecutive characters in genre scenes . He amused the audience to tears by the story of the viewer who accidentally found himself opera. A simple trick – bored in the theater – but to be performed by  Mironov is a masterpiece ! Pearls of laughter accompanied by the artist , even while bowing – its characteristic movements and surprised expression acted as laughing gas . Mironov we want more!

Grażyny Chmielewska
International Warsaw Mime Festival

The show was awesome!
My face literally paralyzed because of laughing too much…

Sonny Vega

Хорошего дня!